Despite the fact that CTR (Click through rate) and user engagement were notable SEO factors for so long, the technique of CTR Manipulation still seem like “secret and unkown” type of thing to many people. One of the reasons could be that there is simply not enough case studies on the internet about this SEO phenomena. One of the most common question about this topic is – How to do CTR Manipulation? We will cover all the nuances in this post.

ctr manipulation how-to

CTR Bots or Real People Traffic?

If you are familiar with the term CTR SEO, and had thoughts to implement it at some point, certainly the first question which arised would be – Should I use CTR Bot Traffic or Real People traffic for the purpose of increasing my CTR? Let us compare it in the following table:

Type of Traffic Advantages Disadvantages
Bot Traffic
Traceable Robotic Behaviour

May hurt your rankings
Real Traffic
Unique User Behaviour

May improve rankings
significantly if done right

With today’s sophisticated search engine algorithms where AI takes decisions, it is very difficult to design a bot or a system which would manipulate it. That is why bot traffic may be detrimental for your SERP rankings. Real search traffic, on the contrary, may produce notable and lasting results.

How many Clicks should I get?

One of the important questions about doing CTR manipulation the right way, is the number of clicks a webpage should get, in order to look natural. Below is the breakdown of CTR% of usual top 10 ranking sites:

Position in SERPS
CTR % (Share of clicks)
28.75 %
15.95 %
10.93 %
8.25 %
6.11 %
4.95 %
3.75 %
3.25 %
2.68 %
2.32 %

So, based on this table, if you are out of Top 5 SERPS, you have to send 10% of total keywords volume traffic (monthly) in your ctr manipulation campaign.

How to do CTR Manipulation? - At which Rate?

CTR Manipulation should be done at normal rate. That is, you have to make sure to send steady amount of traffic each day. Instead of short “Spikes” of traffic, consider daily drip-fed traffic to your site, and that is the best solution and what our CTR SEO Service provides. You shouldn’t send 1000 search visits in a single day, in the niche where keyword volume is around 700-800. This seems unnatural and may lead to penalizations. 

How many keywords should I use?

When it comes to keywords in the process of CTR manipulation, the more variations you have – the better. Search engines love traffic from different channels, and it looks much more natural.


So let us draw the conclusions from our topic. Firstly, you should refrain from using different CTR Bots, as this robotic behaviour is being detected by search engines. Search engines monitor how user behaved on-site up to small pixels, so it is not advisable to use automated solution. Secondly, consider to send reasonable amount of clicks, drip feeding them each day, rather than sending traffic at once. Finally, while at the first glance SERP CTR may look as something complex, it is not difficult if you know nuances of its implementation.