In this example of CTR Manipulation done for Hotel booking website, 15 days of CTR boosting with 20 clicks/day rate was performed. Clicks were sent to 3 different keywords with the following search volume and keyword difficulty according to Semrush:

Keyword 1:

ctr boosting case study

Keyword 2:

ctr boosting case study 2

Keyword 3: Branded Keyword (homepage). 190 search volunme

Click distribution

50% of clicks were sent to money keywords and 50% to branded query.

SERP Positions: Before & After CTR Manipulation

Keyword Before CTR Boosting After CTR Boosting
Keyword 1 17 13
Keyword 2 20 17

Despite of the difficulty of this niche and existence of high authority websites in the SERPS, we can consider this result quite notable.