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Case Study 2: 15 days CTR Boosting for German SMM website

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Case Study 1: 15 days CTR Boosting for hotel website

15 days CTR Manipulation with 20 clicks/day rate performed for hotel booking website.

What is CTR Manipulation? How can it help in SEO?

In the rapidly changing world of search engine optimization (SEO), mastering new techniques is vital, if you want to keep up with the competitors. The art of click-through rate (CTR) manipulation has emerged as a potential strategy to boost your organic rankings....


I have used many organic seo traffic softwares to increase CTR on my site, but none of them works with current advanced algorithms. The only thing that could benefit your SEO is ctr manipulation, clicks from REAL PEOPLE, and CTRMaster provides that. 

Ronald Bergkamp


I work for SEO agency. We used everything starting from backlinks to optimizing content for one of our clients who was on position#7 for his main keyword. Despite having advantage in all SEO aspects, his position wouldn’t move a needle. Untill we found CTRMaster CTR manipulation service. With gradual increase from 5 to 20 clicks/day he reached top 3 after a couple of weeks, and after month and a half he is now on top for that keyword. The role of CTRMaster is huge in the improvement.

Amanda Douglas

SEO Specialist

I have several years of experience in SEO, and have done many case studies. CTR Manipulation is one of the most overlooked tactics in SEO, I can say it with 100% assurance. Not software, but real people who would search and click your site and then stay there for some time. I used CTRMaster for many of my projects and it works like a charm.

Arnold Wilson


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How it works?

This is basically google search traffic. Real people will input your keywords, find and click your website and do different actions (scrolling, pageviews etc.) on it, thereby increasing CTR% and User Engagement factors like dwell time. This in turn will send ranking signals to search engine.You can read more on it in this article.

How many daily clicks do I need? Which package to choose?

If you are familiar how ctr manipulation campaign works, you will have an estimation how to do it, according to your keywords volume and your current ranks. It is advisable that you send reasonable amount of clicks (i.e 10% of overall keywords volume). Or you can anytime contact us to determine which package suits you.

How long before I see the result?

This is different niche by niche, its difficulty and competition. While in some niches results can come in several weeks, others require months of drip fed traffic to see results. In general it takes 2 to 3 months. But the results are worth waiting.

Can I rank solely depedning on organic search traffic ?

While we did several case studies and saw purest ranking effects of SEO traffic, it is not advisable relying solely on it. This service is just a heavy SEO weapon, and you should use it in combination with other ranking factors like backlinks, good content etc. Ensure the good overall SEO health of your website.

Can I get traffic from only specified country?

For now our traffic is only Global. It is not easy to find real people from only one country to do CTR tasks. But in future, as our network progress we may be able to provide Geo Targeted traffic.

How CTR Manipulation can help your SEO? What is it used for?

Google SEO

Google Search SEO

Sending real organic search traffic (ctr manipulation) is mainly used to improve the click through rate and overall SEO health for your webpage for particular keywords. Increased CTR is a very strong SEO signal which may bring positive influence on your search ranking.

Local SEO

Local (GMB) SEO

CTR Manipulation can also be used to improve search ranking of your GMB (Google My Business) and also Google maps. Organic traffic campaign has even quicker influence on local search than on general.

Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO

The technique of organic traffic can also be used for Youtube videos. Users will go on Youtube search, write keywords and click your video out of others, vieww and engage with it. This may imrpove its position in Youtube search.